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Anon My first time reading this book I read it in one day, and then I was addicted. Couldn't put it down until I finished the book. A big thumbs up from me to the author! L.Sriram The story is quite simple and easy to read and the way the author has used words is very nice. Though I'm not an Indian I've lived most of my life in India and I know the Indian culture and the way of living so I could feel the characters very well. Book Review Review This novel is based on the true story of Sudha who, as a young girl, falls in love with an older man who is a scholar and a very successful man in his own rights and yet without much knowledge of how the world works. The man seduces her but she rebuffs him, but he persists in doing so. They start a relationship for a while, and they spend some great times together. Nitaa starts spending more and more time with Nitesh. Nitesh's family is closely knit, and Nitesh is quite close to his sister and brother-in-law. Nitesh's parents are completely against the relationship as Nitaa is a Brahmin girl from a low caste. They are shocked when Nitaa reveals her love to them. In fact, they think that she is no more than a servant. But Nitesh ignores his family's wishes and he continues to pursue Nitaa even though they have to put some distance between themselves. Nitaa starts getting sick, and she thinks that Nitesh doesn't care about her. So she leaves him. A few months later, Nitesh meets Sudha. Sudha is a girl of his village who is blind in one eye. Sudha is adopted by a rich family. She comes from a wealthy background and is well educated. Sudha is a Christian. Nitesh goes to meet her and get to know her better. The author has very well described the feelings of Sudha and Nitesh. This is a beautiful love story. This book is very easy to read, because most of the sentences are written in a simple form. I highly recommend this book. You can buy this book on Amazon (Kindle version). You can buy this book on Amazon (Hardcopy). Disclaimer I received a free copy of




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Cheeni Kum Movie With English Subtitles Download Kickass Utorrent petqua

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